Newroad Network

Delegation and Staking Service

Newroad provides multiple, highly secure delegation services on different networks.

Blockchain Infrastructure

We can provide the infrastructure you need. From running a personal node to a enterprise delegation service.

Digital Asset Support

We offer professional guidance in the new Digital Asset world

Our Vision

We strongly believe that a permissionless proof-of-stake blockchain model will be the base of many future products in leading industries like, finance, transport, agriculture, healthcare and many more. This by serving as a secure, transparent and tamperproof information source globally protected by all it participants. In potential every person.


“ Your trusted partner in a trustless environment”

– Newroad Network

As a young company, deep in blockchain and decentralized finance and technology, we are first and foremost in this space for the revolution. Bitcoin enabled an incredible advancement in our ability to democratize and open up systems, and only in the past five years have we started to see the monumental impacts that secure permissionless ledgers can have across computing, storage, environmental impact, decentralized finance, and more.


It is our core mission to use real resources to support projects that we believe have an honest potential for improving markets to build a sustainable economic future.